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I am 69 and have had a condition with my knees since I was 62.

I had so much pain in my knees that it slowed me down in every way. It hurt to walk. I would have to walk very slowly and it felt like I had sand in my knees. I was miserable.

KIm M.

PCT Services is the best around. I worked with Paul on a heal problem and he was terrific. Paul takes total interest in the client and was very knowledgeable. He was considerate in working with my schedule. Top notch. First Class. Five Stars *****

James M.

I went to Paul with a torn tendon in my foot. His shockwave therapy was amazing! He was able to find all the trouble areas in my foot and treat each one. This is not a treatment that fixes everything in just one visit but after the full round of treatment my foot feels awesome! I will say that with every treatment I walked out with zero pain and feeling amazing. The first couple times the pain relief would last for about 5 days but half way though my 10 sessions I was at a 7 day pain relief. I was blown away every treatment at how much it helped. I even told my wife about this and she went to have Paul treat her shoulder injury. She had tried everything for her shoulder but this amazingly was what did the trick. Paul and his shockwave therapy was a life changer for my wife and me!

Joe S.

We have worked with Paul for over 10 years and his work is outstanding, we highly recommend anyone to go see him for any medical services. Thanks for all your help!
-Morovati Wellness

The innovative Storz technology that PCT Medical Services has to offer is TOP NOTCH!!! It is a well-researched, clinically proven, MUST HAVE therapeutic tool for any physical therapy, orthopedic, or chiropractic practice. It is a game changer for accelerated healing because it has the ability to do things that other modalities on the market can't provide. It works so well that all my patients are willing to pay out of pocket to receive the therapy!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!
Kevin Khalili, DC
Clinical Director
Laser Rehab Institute
Santa Barbara, CA