For Doctors

1. What is extracorporeal shock wave treatment?
The DUOLITH® SD1 is a new, non-invasive treatment solution that generates focused shock waves (F-SW). The efficiency of this modern ESWT device derives from the powerful and individually selectable energy range. The device’s shock wave source is equipped with the time-tested STORZ MEDICAL cylindrical coil and offers a constantly high energy dynamic in the entire focus zone.

2. Benefits of The DUOLITH® SD1?
The DUOLITH® SD1 helps to stimulate the body’s self-healing process by:

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  • Achillodynia (Chronic pain syndrome of Achilles tendon)
  • Plantar Foot Muscles
  • Plantar Fasciitis (heel spur)
  • Forearm Muscles
  • Epicondylitis (Tennis or Golfer's elbow)

Additionally, our technology is designed to speed recovery from without the use of drugs in order to provide treatment.

3. What are some of the benefits and effects of DUOLITH® SD1?
Many physicians who utilize DUOLITH® SD1 enjoy the benefits of:

  • Effective and non-tiring treatment directly at the patient
  • All control elements integrated into the handpiece
  • Reduced revision costs thanks to easy change of coil
  • Upgradable to DUOLITH® SD1 TOWER »ultra« by modular extensions
  • Exclusive online access to ICE shock wave information portal for knowledge enhancement

4. Is The DUOLITH® SD1 treatment similar to ultrasound ?
Ultrasound therapy is comprised of one continuous wave within frequency range of 0.75–3 MHz, which is used to promote deep healing within the damaged soft tissues of the body.

The DUOLITH® SD1, performs several continuous sound waves (or acoustic pulses) which are of a higher amplitutde, and are shorter in length on the body’s tissues.

5. How does The DUOLITH® SD1 differ from laser treatment?
Laser therapy is a type of treatment that uses intense beams of light. The DUOLITH® SD1 uses sound waves (acoustic pulses) , which are more like pressure waves .

6. What can The DUOLITH® SD1 help treat?
The DUOLITH® SD1 may aid in the treatment of acute, chronic or painful soft tissue in the musculoskeletal system including:

  • shoulder pain
  • knee, elbow, and heel injuries
  • backaches
  • muscle trigger points

7. How soon can someone see results from The DUOLITH® SD1 therapy?
After only 1 to 2 sessions, many patients report complete pain relief or significant pain reduction. The therapy eliminates pain or restores full mobility, thus improving your quality of life.

8. How long is each treatment session of The DUOLITH® SD1?
Each therapy session takes between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the disorder to be treated. In general, an average of 3 to 5 treatments are necessary at weekly intervals.

9. Does The DUOLITH® SD1 work effectively for all musculoskeletal or pain conditions?
There is, however, no single method of treatment that is entirely successful in every case.

Learn The Benefits of ESWT

The Miracle Wave® technology

If you are a currently a medical professional with a desire to implement state-of-the-art, therapeutic technology at your practice, CONTACT US today to learn how The DUOLITH® SD1 can help repair, restore & rejuvenate a broad spectrum of health conditions among your patients.

We conduct specialized, on-site demonstrations as well as comprehensive staff training with certification in order for you to begin utilizing STORZ MEDICAL shock wave systems.

STORZ MEDICAL shock wave systemshave been used for orthopaedic applications since 1992. The spectrum of indications in orthopaedic ESWT, initially limited to pseudarthrosis, has later been extended to include insertional tendinopathis, delayed wound healing and myofascial pain syndrome.

Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment or ESWT (Developed in the ‘90s to stimulate blood flow and relax muscles) has been used for decades to treat a multitude of sports injuries as well as musculoskeletal conditions.