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Medical FDA Approved Focused

Shockwave Device

Shockwave Device by Storz

The DUOLITH® SD1 »T-TOP« by STORZ MEDICAL is indicated for extracorporeal shock wave treatment (ESWT) of heel pain due to chronic

proximal plantar fasciitis*. The effectiveness of the device and of ESWT in general have been demonstrated in clinical studies.

The DUOLITH® SD1 »T-TOP« generates focused shock waves (F-SW). The efficiency of this modern ESWT device derives from the powerful

and individually selectable energy range. The device’s shock wave source is equipped with the time-tested STORZ MEDICAL

cylindrical coil and offers a constantly high energy dynamic in the entire focus zone.

Intuitive and easy to use

The DUOLITH® SD1 »T-TOP« is operated via a touch screen that displays all essential parameters such as frequency, energy and total

number of applied shock waves. Previously stored treatment parameters or parameters determined by the user can be retrieved comfortably,

which saves time because no new settings need to be selected by hand.

Focused shock wave therapy with the DUOLITH® SD1 »T-TOP« – a non-invasive treatment option for patients with heel pain

due to chronic proximal plantar fasciitis.

n LCD touch screen

n Also available as F-SW-only device

n Easy transport for use in diferent medical practices

n Available with low-noise ENERGY II compressor

LCD touch screen

pic 1

focus pic 1

Good design is innovative

STORZ MEDICAL sees the individual design of shock wave units

as a corporate tool that smoothes the way for sustainable innovations

based on new design forms – without compromises.

General data

n Dimensions (W x H x D): 450 x 165 x 530 mm

n Control device weight: 22.4 kg

n F-SW handpiece weight: 590 g

n USB/LAN ports

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