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Storz D-Actor 200

Advanced high-frequency radial shockwave therapy system.
The ultimate in comprehensive care, the D-Actor 200 provides more ways than any MasterPuls unit to care for your patients. Featuring deep impact shock transmitters, it accurately pinpoints deep pain regions that can not be reached by other shockwave device manufacturers.

D-ACTOR® 200 »ultra«

  • Radial acoustic wave:
    Pressure: 0.3 – 5.0 bareff
    Frequency: 1 – 21 Hz
  • D-ACTOR® »ultra« handpiece with integrated display and »Skin Touch« function for rapid treatment navigation
  • Two D-ACTOR® handpiece connectors
  • Vibration therapy (optional), V-ACTOR®: 1 – 35 Hz
  • Vacuum therapy (optional), VACU-ACTOR® technology
  • 10” touch screen (optional)
  • Access to exclusive ICE Shock Wave Portal

Storz D-Actor 200

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